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Smart phone revolution is fastest changing revolution in the technological world. Now the world business is changed buy the way of mobile technology. Mobile is influencing ...

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    Programming is a instruction to computer and execute the specific task.Programming involves tasks to analysis, generating algorithms, profiling algorithms’ accuracy and resource consumption, and the implementation of algorithms in a chosen programming language.Like human languages the computer have programming language. C C++ Java C#  etc Above mentioned language are most commonly used programming language.Tasks accompanying and related to ...
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    The computer we see it on the top of the disc or laptop size etc it is now we can travel with your computer. Lets go to the past of computer generations. The generation means the changes in hardware and software. Mainly the computer generations are 5. First Generation (1946-1959) First generation used vacuum tubes ...
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    ColorOS is an operating system created by OPPO .China, based on Google’s operating system Android.ColorOS 7 also brings improved system performance, and a feature called Beauty Mode 2.0. The company is releasing the new version on November 20 at the Minsheng Modern Art Museum in Beijing, China and November 26 in India..The software offers a completely redesigned ...
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