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The name IBM is a hundred years old. In 1911 The Tabulating Machine Company, the International Time Recording Company, and the Computing Scale Company of America, ...

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    Tips for the successin the life Story telling The stories telling yourself is improve your potential.It help to conquer the mountain.So tell yourself Move forward Never afraied about what is this looking forward and always think the great achievment. Influence Treat every one you meet is like a cofine, an off as an influencer.Because no ...
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    The most terrible sitution is we fired from our own company. The Steve Jobs also faced this sitution from Apple Inc. According to the Time Magazine report about the situation in website Article in the tittle of the return of the jobs “Back then he was uncontrollable,” an early Apple board member said of Steve ...
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    Samsung has announced its Anniversary Sale, offering a host of discounts on a wide range of products such as smartphones, TVs, wearables, audio devices, and home appliances.The Samsung Anniversary Sale, which brings hefty discounts on a wide range of devices, is now live on the company’s online store and will continue through 13 October. In addition to ...
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