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    Whatsapp is popular messaging app with 180 billion users from 180 countries in the world. The Whatsapp users is 2 billion active users. Because of that the social media giant Facebook acquire Whatapp in 2014 Feb 19th. The acquisition is Facebook pays $4 billion in cash, $12 billion in Facebook shares.Let us go the History ...
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    Describe pointer in C? The pointer is used to describe the address of variables.That means direct address of the memory allocation. The declaration of pointer is int*a; here the declare the value a as integer. Example: int *a,c; a=5; c=&a; What is syntax errors? The error that occur while running a program are called syntax ...
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    We heard a thing from our school time is only the man made thing we see from space is great wall of China. Is it true we see the great wall of China from space. In NASA website tells that The visible wall theory was shaken after China’s own astronaut, Yang Liwei, said he couldn’t ...
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